As an interior design & architecture firm, our job is to take your property and make it better. Way better.

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Today’s spaces face a growing market of consumers that place tremendous value on the power of experiences. This is an exciting challenge that must be met with ingenuity and vision, as users place their loyalty in spaces and places that act as a source of inspiration.

By studying what consumers, tenants, and end-users want the most, Thiel & Thiel serves the needs of clients with forward-thinking creativity with an emphasis on maximizing growth.


What’s your story?

Starting from humble roots in 1997, this boutique design, architecture, and procurement firm has grown to become a place that is far more impactful and meaningful than we ever imagined. (More on that later in About Our Brand). Founders Kurt and Beth Thiel and partners Paige Byrd and Elyssa Barksdale lead a team of talented individuals that strive to do incredible work not only with each other, but for each other.

Today we are headquartered in a beautiful and modern facility in Colleyville, Texas, just a stone’s throw from the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth.

What exactly does Thiel & Thiel do?

We offer interior design, architecture and architectural detailing, procurement, and project management services to clients in the hospitality and multifamily industries. Put another way, we help clients attract new members, tenants, visitors, and revenue by beautifying and reimagining their spaces.

While anyone can claim that they offer extraordinary creative services, we believe the secret sauce in our recipe is our process. There’s certainly a creative mindset in our practice that relies on emotion and gut feelings, but that’s always countered by the discipline of exceptional communication protocols, problem solving and value engineering efforts, and hindsight from over 20 years of experience in the business.

Who do you do it for?

We primarily service hospitality and multifamily clients, such as golf/city clubs (both public and private) resort properties, and multifamily developments looking for design expertise for their new and refurbished projects.

Our clients have been comprised of some industry greats, including ClubCorp, Mesirow, Arcis, GreyStar, Fairfield, and Toll Brothers just to name a few. We’ve also worked with dozens of privately-owned properties and projects.

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What makes a good client for Thiel & Thiel?

A good relationship for us starts with a client that values the power of an inspired environment, knowing that attracting growth hinges on providing a new and culturally-relevant experience for their end user. We value relationships that place proportional value on creativity, experience, and goal-focused objectives.

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About Our Brand:

What’s with the Ampersand Logo?

It’s our new logo icon (mascot, even!) as of 2016. We used to have a duo of ‘T’ letterforms nested together to resemble the two Thiels that started the company in 1997. Very creative, we know.

Naturally, the new logo better reflects who we are now. Paige Byrd and Elyssa Barksdale, our Design Director and Director of Operations respectively, became partners a couple of years ago, ensuring that the quality and values associated with the Thiel & Thiel brand would continue through the generations.  We have several teammates– or “Thielmates”, as we put it –who have been with us for many years and want them (and any new hires) to be confident that their investment of time and talent will have long-term growth opportunities. 

Most people have called us ‘T&T‘ for years and usually abbreviate it as noted.  We think the ampersand is elegant as well as playful and communicates “I am not finished, there is more to come”. That’s a fitting reason, then, to use the ampersand; we can cherish and honor our roots, but let’s make today about chasing the future.

Yellow was chosen because it is fresh, crisp, and– well –fun! It is said that yellow is the great communicator; it loves a challenge and is the color of original thought and new ideas.  Yellow awakens greater confidence and optimism and expresses enthusiasm for life.  All of these attributes reflect our values as a company, not to mention a nod towards the smiles we wear every day we walk into work. 🙂

Do you have any awards?

Heck yes we do! We’ve been the recipient of some major hardware from ASID and various other institutions that recognize and celebrate great work. It’s just our chance to do a little bragging!

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What else can you show me?

Lots. Perhaps we can suggest our News material?

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