An Impromptu Trip to Italy? Ohimè!

Senior Designer Kelsey Sullivan tagged along with Ceramic Technics in November 2018 to the Tuscan region of Italy. Educational? Sure was. Bucket-list item? Evviva!

Hello, I’m Claire Chatham!

Claire is new here, but not really. Our long-adored intern is coming on as a full-time designer in our ID department. We wanted to do a little Q&A session with her to celebrate her new position as an official Thielite and recount her journey up to this point.

Interns Wanted

Are you an interior design student or looking to gain experience for your design career? We’re looking for interns to join our team! (Updated Feb. 2019)

Under 40 and Just Getting Started

T&T Partner and Dir. Operations Elyssa Barksdale was named as an honoree in Dallas Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 class of 2019. She’s just getting started.

Holiday Gifts: T&T Staff Picks

Our team put together a list of last-minute gift ideas that just might be perfect for your hard-to-shop-for friend or family member. You’re welcome!

You Got This, Mombosses

Juggling your schedule, showing appreciation, leaning on your team, and stocking up on lots (and lots) of wine: these things and a few other tricks to handling being a leader, designer, traveler, and mom all at the same time.

Fashion Month

Fashion Design and Interior Design have been siblings since the beginning. Here’s our take on 3 fashion trends that are influencing interiors in a big way.

A Dallas Food Trifecta

Our own resident foodie, Claire Chatham, visited a few favorites to find that delicious grub is only half of the equation that equals success in Dallas’ growing food scene.