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Knollwood Country Club Grill / Granger, IN

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About the Project

Knollwood Country Club’s grill renovation required a decisively enthusiastic design language to help breathe life back into this club, once bedazzled with flowery 1980’s decor. The result is a trendy and dramatic environment, especially popular when club members entertain family and friends during the incredibly busy night-time dinner rush.

  • The first step in the doorway at Knollwood’s member grill previews the stunning departure from what it used to be. A dramatic raw-edge wood ceiling treatment leads diners into the dining area and bar in the back.

  • An elevated lounge room provides comfy chairs to seat four diners that don’t necessarily want to mingle with the rest of the crowd. Despite being completely open to the rest of the space, we helped create a private and intimate setting that allows the grill to stay flexible and modular.

  • Photographer’s Note: This place stays SO busy that we had to wait late into the evening just to take clean shots of the grill. A testament to how wildly popular this place is, even in the dead of winter.

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