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Memorial Heights Villages / Houston, TX

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About the Project

Memorial Heights is a Houston-area multifamily complex with a focus of attracting young, fashion-forward urbanites who gravitate toward sophistication and charisma. Thiel & Thiel was tasked with developing and executing tenant-only spaces, club rooms, and a striking leasing office to maximize the property’s effectiveness when cutting through the fat and standing out as a prime multifamily facility in this big city.

The Memorial Heights project is a perfect example of why it’s important to inject playfulness into the process of developing public- and renter-facing spaces for multifamily. It’s crucial that a property sets itself apart from the competition in a way that allows individuals to connect emotionally with the space. Otherwise, you risk blending in with a sea of similarity … go for for uniqueness, not sufficiency.

  • BOOM. The stark color palette throughout this property makes quite the impression. We loved working on this project.

  • We can’t contain ourselves over that awesome shade of pink.

  • The other side of the leasing office features a large, round couch that faces a big TV. Accessories (and a large lamp-horse) help keep things interesting aside from bright punches of color and texture. Again, an example of playfulness perfect for the target tenant.

  • Fitness areas carry the bright stabs of pink and black/white over from the leasing center.

  • A resident-only cyber lounge and coworking space gives tenants a unique and motivating space to Get Stuff Done™. A/V equipment, community tables, printing stations, and a lounge booth give users plenty of places to spread out.

  • Now, the crown jewel of the property: the Club room. A full kitchen anchors this huge, multi-use space – allowing residents to relax and entertain.

  • Every rad space deserves a righteous gaming area. Check out that billiards table and unique mood lighting above.

  • Residents love the two-sided media lounge, complete with curtain shades and pinhole star lighting overhead.

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