A Kickin’

Richwoods Clubhouse / Frisco, Texas

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About the Project

Public multifamily spaces require a dramatic environment. All the comforts of home or a favorite lounge need to accompany a large amount of occupants without appearing designed to do just so. The textures, colors, surfaces, and spaces of a community club house must be able to support large numbers and frequencies while retaining the poise of a plush, luxurious, private residence.

That’s what we accomplished at Richwoods, a Frisco-area residential community with a clubhouse designed to help attract buyers who want a little something “extra” in their community.

  • The feature piece in the main club room undoubtedly is the granie fireplace. Nothing attracts more attention than a well-done fire feature surrounded by the right seating to enjoy it with.

  • Mirror detail leading to the fitness area.

  • Another shot of the vaulted ceiling and lighting detail.