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Seville Golf & Country Club / Gilbert, AZ

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About The Project

Seville Golf & Country Club needed a change. Driven by the need to revitalize the amenity spaces, the club focused on reinventing their current dining and bar space to engage the family-centric membership. Our team worked to establish a program that engages families and brings them to the club as a weekend destination rather than just a first- and last-stop building on either ends of 18 holes; it needed to be more than just about golf.

  • The club is located on an abandoned orange grove which was an inspiration for the restaurant brand and brilliant color palette. The original dining room was separated with a large fireplace and was lacking identity and the flexibility to activate outdoor and entertainment programs. Now the entire experience is cohesive and promotes effortless flow from space to space.

  • The reinvented space is now a community hub buzzing with energy attracting couples on date nights, large group dinners, and family outings.

  • The dining room seating is flexible and the new centralized bar is flanked with operational glass wall systems that allows easy in and out access for patrons to enjoy the indoor environment as well as the outdoor bar and beautiful patio views.

  • The new gaming area is adjacent to the dining room now called “The Grove”. The historical vineyard is celebrating with the brand, signage, and color palette as well as a large scale custom wall graphic with a community map with whimsical orange grove overlay.

  • The design team utilized the existing bar and transformed the space to the new Game + Gather Lounge complete with golf simulator, vintage arcade games, wall scrabble, and flexible soft seating.

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