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Tartan Fields Golf Club / Dublin, OH

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About the Project

Dublin, Ohio, is a beautiful place. Lush scenery, rolling hills, and a vibrant golf community adorn the perfect backdrop to create a new membership experience at Tartan Fields Golf Club, specifically their member grill and bar.

We did the typical Thiel maneuver and flipped things around. What used to be the pro shop– a missed opportunity due to a towering barrel-ceiling space –is now the bar area, and what used to be the bar and general seating now is split into the grill, private dining, and wine lounge. The end result is a massively improved flow that allows members to meander through the spaces logically. We also improved other functions around the property, including the banquet room and outdoor patio.

  • We spruced up the entry with new carpet, seating, desk area, and fresh paint and moulding.

  • The member grille turned out perfectly, with banquette seating along the wall and strategically-placed tables throughout the floor plan. Especially dramatic when seen from above on the second-floor mezzanine.,

  • A more private space is separated from the main grille dining room, giving a more intimate environment and direct view to the practice greens and patio outside.

  • A cocktail lounge area acts as a buffer zone between the high-energy bar area and the community dining table / wine storage case. Perfect spot to relax and entertain without the formality of a reservation.

  • This space used to be the pro shop. Suits the space much better as a member bar!
  • Below: renovated banquet room.

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