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So … Colleyville, Huh?

Colleyville is a sleepy little suburb right smack in the middle between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. This is the city that Beth and Kurt decided to lay down roots, raise their children, and ultimately start their business back in 1997. It’s about as suburban as you can get, and, at least for our purposes, that’s a good thing.

The strategy behind locating this office out in the ‘burbs is a simple one: where every other design office likely houses their operations in a shiny office somewhere in [enter your stereotypical downtown cultural district here], we decided that it’s best to get our team members, vendors, and clients out of their comfort zones and create a unique experience in a location they’d never expect. In practice, this helps disarm our egos and helps us think a little differently, while making periodic visits to a big, bustling city all that more special and inspiring.

Anyway, the Thiel & Thiel HQ building purchase and renovation project began in 2016, being the former home to a photography studio. All the trappings of a local photog studio were all there: closets filled with props and apparel for high school senior portraits, paint-sponged backdrops, weirdly divided rooms for different lighting effects, and even the spiral staircase that lead to nowhere. And despite these “features” that were normally driving some potential buyers away (the studio was closed down for some time), we saw an opportunity to take advantage of a gigantic shell that can accommodate every single conceivable need of our team.

The result of the renovation is truly remarkable, given the budget and timeline in order to pull everything together. So remarkable, in fact, that it helped us win 1st-place honors for the 2017 ASID Design Ovation Texas Chapter for Commercial Space, our first in a state-wide competition.

Winner: 2017 Legacy of Design Statewide 1st Place
Category: Corporate – Less than 15k Sq. Ft.

  • We wanted a color palette that just made people feel happy when they walk in. A bright yellow is the only color hue featured alongside a stark black/white/grey-tone theme. A very cheerful, bright, design-forward aesthetic.

  • We’ve got a killer conference room, totally surrounded by glass.

  • ASID Awards wrap around our front entry and down the hallway. #Humblebrag

  • This is a space for collaborating, not hiding. Our studio area houses all the desk spaces, work stations, sample libraries, and layout tabes we could ever need. We still have hideaway offices and meeting rooms if we need a little space to think.

  • Everyone likes to gather in the kitchen, right? We have an awesome space in the back of our floorplan that features a gigantic island, double fridges, microwaves, warming drawers, and wine storage (of course!) to help facilitate lunch meetings, vendor presentations, and just a generally excellent spot for getting away from the desk.

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