Architectural Designer Wanted


Update, Feb. 2020: We're looking for another!

Our team is made up of 30 incredible "thielmates" and we're excited to start the search for our 31st! We're a tight knit group, but once you are in, you're family!

If you are a lover the corporate world and feel most comfortable when you have a process/procedure for everything, we're probably not the best fit for you.  If you enjoy autonomy, are self-motivated and thrive in a culture where results are valued more than the process you followed to furnish the result, we could be the work-family you've always dreamed of belonging to.

Our team specializes in producing award-winning hospitality and multi-family amenity spaces with an emphasis on interiors. You will be working with a group of highly talented professionals who produce amazing work and have a ton of fun doing it. We are very growth-minded, so much so that one of our 5 core values are ADAPT. We are looking for a take charge individual, a self-starter who takes initiative, and flourishes in a team environment.

If you thrive in a progressive, ever changing (for the better) environment and are looking for a company in which you can really contribute, please apply!

Experience Required:

A minimum of 5 years in architectural design and documentation with experience in multi-family and or hospitality a plus.

Licensed in the State of Texas with a NCARB certification

Able to stamp drawings


Bachelor of Architecture from accredited architectural program a plus.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Must have a thorough understanding of how a drawing set goes together. 

CAD GURU – Comfortable with all daily commands in CAD, proficiency in AutoCAD 2018 or later and Microsoft Office required.

ARCHITECTURAL SPECIFICATION KNOWLEDGE – Lighting, grab bars, etc. Individual needs to have a real affinity to attention to detail, near perfectionism.

CONSULTANT COORDINATOR - Intimate knowledge of industry standard project/construction process. Enjoys working with external subconsultants and has the ability to anticipates needs. Great scheduler/planner with amazing follow through and high commitment to QA/QC.

ARTISTIC INTERIOR DETAILER - Has enough industry knowledge to know how things are built and how to apply it to fit the projects design vision, intent & budget.

CODE EXPERT - knows how codes work & how to research and document codes for specific projects.

CA ENTHUSIAST - Understanding of industry standards and legal implications of contract documents. knows how changes will affect the project at each phase (Clouded, Tagged) knows when to communicate these changes to the client so they can make quick decisions. comfortable with all types of submittals.

Must have a thorough understanding of how a drawing set goes together. 

Strong verbal and written communication skills are required.

Ability to manage multiple projects concurrently.

Proficiency in Revit, 3d modeling / rendering, and knowledge of Photoshop a plus.

Specific Responsibilities:

Assist your team with managing the overall scope, budget, and schedule for the project.

Assist your team with complete documentation of the design through all phases of the project.

Translate concepts and information into working drawings and details that conform to standard construction methods, project budgets, and T&T drawings standards.

General understanding of building and accessibility codes and how to shepherd a project though the permitting process.

Travel to project locations as needed for field verification, construction coordination, and contractor supervision.

Manage and coordinate with consulting engineers, architects, production staff, etc. as required.

Working knowledge of structural, architectural, civil, and MEP engineering to the extent necessary to coordinate and integrate these disciplines into the construction documents.

Coordinate with General Contractor during construction phase including bid review, submittal review, RFI responses, & site visits as required.

Redlining drawings, teaching and training less experience team members

Job Type:

Full Time

How to Apply

Interested in applying? Send an email to Trish and Elyssa using the addresses below, and include "ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER" in the subject line of your email. We'll set up a phone interview to learn more about you!

Architectural Designer 4x4 /

What's a 4x4? This tool is designed to help us clarify and communicate our expectations to team members. The purpose is to set you up for success, so you can be clear and confident in your role. The 4 x 4 shows you 12 ways to be a hero, and four ways you can get into trouble.


In a growing entrepreneurial organization, we look for all team members to be alert, curious, responsive, and resourceful.


Bottom line: always listen to the clients goals down to the minutia. Own the details and make sure they get implemented throughout the process. Anticipate potential project issues and problems before they happen.


With one foot in the architecture world and one foot in the interiors world, this position is the link that achieves the projects' technical goals without compromising the aesthetic goals. This requires constantly questioning how things are built and why things are planned the way they are.


Always move quickly on communication both internal and external. Responding quickly, calmly, and positively to needs and changes makes a good team great. Remember to be responsive to your team as well as our clients.


Be self-managing and able to problem-solve by using available resources to find solutions. Comfortable in using and teaching required programs: AutoCAD, Revit, Sketch-up, and BluBeam.


We want each team member to look for ways to do things efficiently that produces results.


Always look for ways to improve process efficiency. We must do our jobs well and not cut corners – sometimes there is no shortcut. Remember to always consider technology and systems as a support to fuel speed.


Use our industry partners to their fullest potential. Know when to own a detail and when to shepherd a detail. As architects, sometimes our most important role is Conductor. That's working smarter and making things easier on yourself in this field.


Work smarter, not harder. Know when to break the mold and when to go with the tried-and-true. Not every space can be cutting-edge but some key elements require invention. Details and materials will make or break a budget and send us into Value Engineering which exposes us and our client to potential loss of profitability.


Be a lifelong learner and continually grow into bigger roles and responsibilities. Pursue licenses and certifications, learn about building systems, landscape design, lighting design, and historic preservation. Strive to be an expert.


This section identifies areas of responsibility to our teammates, authority figures, clients, and projects.


Everyone needs time to focus. No one functions well with too many interruptions. Make a list and set aside time for focused direction from your supervisors and teammates.


We take care of each other around here. Always take care of our clients and your teammates. If you think they need help, give it. If you think they need a reminder, remind them. If you think there is something you can take off their plate, volunteer to take it.


As designers and architects, we are by nature control freaks – but, as supervisors, we have to let go of the details and trust our team .That's where you come in. Own the details and keep the leadership team out of the weeds.


Comfort zones are for children. Our workload is famously busy, and we need team members who relish the seasons of hustle around here. It's necessary for ALL team members to take their performance and contribution to the next level, always.


You're in the danger zone here. Danger zone = jobless territory. These things turn us into axe murderers (figuratively speaking, of course).


We have a relaxed work environment. Professional dress is a rarity around here, and punching a clock isn't anything we want to manage around here. BUT, the work still needs to get done. We allow flexibility and encourages camaraderie, but a professional attitude toward the quality of work and a respect of coworkers' time is of equal importance.


Hey, problems and challenges happen on every project. It's just a nature of the business. But we expect our team members to research, collaborate with an expert (internal or external), or previous project in order to find a solution. Allowing problems to fester without implementing a well-founded solution QUICKLY puts our team, our clients' projects, and your employment (!) in grave danger.


Oof, don't let those words fly around here! The success of the project is EVERYONE'S job. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and we do our best to play to our strengths ... but at some point, everyone is required to do something new or get out of their comfort zone in order to keep the project moving forward. It might mean leading a conference call, checking on installation dates, or making a site visit. Everything around here is a team effort, all day, every day.


There is a difference between venting productively and complaining. You should always be mindful of the impact you are having on your team and coworkers. Negativity is TOXIC, and our culture is defined by the lowest common denominator. Don't be the bad apple that spoils the bunch – when you see it, it's your responsibility to squash it.

Also remember: our clients ultimately pay the bills around here. Talking smack about them and their projects never leaves a good impression with our leadership team. We are to ALWAYS be grateful for the work we are entrusted with, even when we encounter occasional bumps along the way.

Questions? Email and