Fashion Month

Fashion Design and Interior Design have been siblings since the beginning, often sharing space in the same buildings on campuses across the US. Feels pretty self-explanatory right?

PAIGE LEIGH NEAGLE, RID / Senior Interior Designer

I remember my textiles class very vividly; my teacher was from India and not only was she highly engaging she wore the most gorgeous sari’s I’ve ever seen. Not many interiors students showed up compared to fashion students - but that just made the class more fun. The perspective from those students who had similar thoughts but from a different point of view made the class have a lasting impact on my education. You know those little fuzzy bumps some of your sweaters get after washing? They are called ‘pills’ and according to my professor like to procreate and have pill babies like crazy. Ha! So true right? Why else were lint removers invented! I also learned what it means when you hear about the “hand” of a fabric. That is the sensation that you feel against your hand when you touch them. And in both disciplines hand has a HUGE physical and psychological impact on the end user.

In addition to the commonalities above, both industries feed on each other. Sort of like when sisters try to compete for being known as the coolest, most popular one. Fashion definitely has a huge impact on Interiors but the reverse is also known to be true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been designing a project with certain colors and want to start wearing those colors – only to be frustrated that they aren’t ‘hot’ yet. I’ve learned to give it a few months and like magic the perfect shade of Kelly green I was dying for is now all over the shelves.

If you have been watching any of the fashion outlets this month you may find that this post is totally up your alley. We wanted to have a bit of fun by taking some of the hottest fashion trends and paring them with our latest and greatest projects that are either on the boards or hot off the presses.


The Oaks at Valencia

Fashion Trend #1: Deconstruction / Shades of White

We are smack in the middle of designing this job in Valencia California, but the overall goal at this club is to bring the outside in. The property sits in the middle of a hilly California landscape, and the views are unmatched. We developed a palette is very tone-on-tone, in keeping with the modern California vibes.

We’re going for a “Restoration Hardware meets Hill Country” feel, with deep textures, warm neutrals, and sleek lighting. The opportunity to work with existing warm caramel-toned wood trim, ceiling beams, and casings set the tone for the design.

Both casual and inviting this deconstructed pallet is filled with creature comforts (hair on hide!) and unexpected accents (watercolored bronze!) that you would expect in a boutique setting.


150 Airport

Fashion Trend #2: Graphics / Mixed Prints

We recently sent a multi-family project into construction that is located in South San Francisco. This project was chock full of pattern layered on pattern. Mixing prints can be a bit daunting even for those of us who work with it every day, but the results can be stunning and worth every late night making sure that houndstooth really does work with the graphics on our tile.


A few things to remember about mixing patterns are to find a common element within the pattern and then mix scale, repeat and style (organic with stripes? Yes!). By mixing scale you can give an organic pattern a geometric feel. By using both large and small scales you give the eye somewhere to go and also give the eye a rest from all the graphic induced euphoria. Ha!

Once you find our favorite pattern start layering with these ideas and we think you will love the results!


Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club, Tennessee

Fashion Trend #3: 80s Reinvented

Another club on our ‘recently finished’ list is located in the rolling hills of Tennessee, just east of Nashville. This project is saturated with history from the country music scene-explaining why it’s on “Johnny Cash Parkway.” To echo those bluegrass, country “twang” feel, we opted to go for a very Americana look in this space. And as we all remember Americana was all the rage back in the 80’s!

All of the private event and lobby spaces were kept more tonal, with warm golds, deep navy and charcoal, while the dining spaces added a punch of candy-apple-red. We called the look “Modern Ralph Lauren” as we took some of the classics and put a spin on them. The filament bulbs over the bar and the use of patent leathers throughout give this space an “upgraded 80’s Music City” flair. ◾


Paige Neagle is a senior interior designer with over 20 years of design experience.  She is dedicated to working with owners to create spaces that combine style, regional relevance and story-telling.  She also brings an adventurous energy to each project and strives to bring comfort, beauty and care to those around her.