City of Grapevine Selects Thiel & Thiel as Design and Architecture Team for New Golf Clubhouse

Thiel & Thiel Staff / January 17, 2019

Thiel & Thiel has been in talks since April 2017 with the City of Grapevine to conceptualize a plan for their municipal golf course's new clubhouse in an effort to modernize the experience and take full advantage of a growing tourism industry.

The history of our firm is rich in country club work dating back to the late eighties, spanning a wide range of daily-fee and private properties with a variety of different experiences. In addition, we've worked with different government agencies (such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) to execute certain designs and renovations according to rigorous standards that require organizational oversight. Now, Thiel & Thiel is embarking on a new project that combines these two worlds at Grapevine Golf Course, just down the road from our office in Colleyville. This is a project essentially in our backyard.

The Vision

A big part of what the City of Grapevine is trying to accomplish is modernization without polarization. City residents are very familiar with the course, but there's now big competition in the area for avid golfers looking for more than just a good place to play. The existing clubhouse no longer does the course justice, nor does it feature the amenities that encourage players and their guests to stay and enjoy the facility beyond just a round of golf.

As the lead interior design and architecture team on the project, we're helping the city implement a vision of a new clubhouse experience that honors Grapevine's rich heritage while vastly expanding the way people use the space. It'll more closely resemble a community hub, rather than being a facility with a singular focus on golf.

New Building Site

The approach to the new clubhouse will be designed to feature a much more intentional sense of arrival. Guests will immediately see the roofline of the building on approach from the Fairway Drive dam, designed to prominently peek up from the valley that currently borders the existing driving range. This new footprint will allow for prime views of the fairway from a new indoor/outdoor dining space – a highly desirable feature not possible with the old building location.

Amenities and Programming

Space variety is the main objective in highly successful golf club environments, and Grapevine Golf will be no exception. New food and beverage concepts will give visitors– whether they came to golf or not –will be enticed to stay and relax. Meeting and shared work spaces will round out the desire for the occasional round of email catch-up, an outdoor pavilion will play host to trophy presentations and live music, and a variety of programming elements around the property will closely mimic what we've done with some of the best private clubs we've worked on over the years.

Local Connection

Make no mistake: despite the radical new vision and modern amenities, the clubhouse will reflect Grapevine in every meaningful way possible. We're partnering with local artists, glass blowers, iron studios, wineries and breweries, and other Grapevine-based talent to adorn the building in details that reflect the culture and history of this fine city.

What we're confident in is that the final result will wholly reflect Grapevine's heritage and identity, while housing an experience that is unique and inspired. We're honored to be presented with this opportunity and will create a truly memorable experience that the entire city will be proud of.

Project Partners

Throughout the project we'll be working with a variety of project partners, including the City of Grapevine, Baird, Hampton & Brown, Steele & Freeman, Inc., and B&H Engineers, Inc.

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