Interns Wanted


It's that time again! The Thiel & Thiel team is looking for an interior design intern to come join the T&T family! Our relationship with interns has always been a constructive effort to benefit candidates in need of real-world experience, in addition to being a huge help in the day-to-day operations of our company. As with any internship, this will entail some efforts to help us keep our office looking great and presenting a friendly persona to guests, but we also place priority toward interns gaining tactile experience within active design projects. Occasional coffee and cookie runs (the breakfast of champions!) are balanced with real, roll-up-your-sleeves work to help us create amazing, inspiring, and effective spaces for our clients.

This is also a PAID position; we think asking people to work for free is no bueno. Your manager will work with you to establish a schedule that works around school / personal responsibilities and that compensates for fairly your time/travel.

We absolutely love having the opportunity to help young designers grow and gain experience in our field. Our work is fast-paced, creative, collaborative, and extremely rewarding for all involved!

How to Apply

Interested in applying as a design intern? Send an email to Kaleena and Trish using the addresses below, and include "DESIGN INTERN" in the subject line of your email. We'll set up a phone interview to learn more about you!

Internship Description /

Interns support their department, teams, coworkers, and company by completing tasks as assigned contributing to the company’s overall success. Interns work closely with teams and take in the “real world” of A&D and the challenges and excitement it brings! Real world knowledge is invaluable and T&T is happy to contribute to the intern experience and investing in your professional development.

Responsibilities /

Interns are assigned all sorts of tasks which include but are not limited to:

  •  Resource library organization and maintenance

  •  Filing materials back into library when product is no longer needed by team

  • Labeling areas and materials in resource library

  • Calling in sample requests

  • Obtaining material pricing

  • Obtaining material stock & lead times

  • Weekly checks & return of materials to manufacturers and vendors upon completion of use by design team

  • Specification re-selections

  • Writing specifications

    o FF&E Specs in DesignSmart
    o Arch Specs in Excel

  • Assisting with space plans/schematics as needed by teams

  • Light CAD work as needed by teams

  • Product Research

  • Code Research

  • Printing, Scanning, & Copying plans and paperwork as needed by teams

  • General team support (They need it, you got their backs!)

  • Ensuring our environment is clean & tidy

    o Including conference & meeting rooms

    o All common space, including kitchen

  • Lunch Runs! Cookie Runs!

  • Office Errands

  • Working with other interns and their schedules to ensure phones are answered, guests are greeted at the front door, every visitor feels special and welcomed, and packages are delivered to recipients around the office.

  • Basically - you are on call to assist as needed with any need from any team member

  • Always ask “Is there anything else I can do?” before leaving each day!

Do-s and Don't-s /

  • Be on Time! And if you’re not going to be- let your manager and teammates know

  • Do what you say you’re going to do! If you commit to it- make it happen!

  • Show appreciation. Appreciate opportunities & those who take the time to mentor you

  • Own It! If it’s your task, take the initiative to try to figure it out before asking for help. If you need help, ASK... but try to figure it out first.

  • Put your phone away! Team Leads and Managers use their phones to communicate with clients and industry partners, interns do not! While you are at T&T, we ask that you give your cell phone a rest and save social media and personal calls until breaks, lunch, and when you go home for the day.

  • Read social cues and “senses of urgency”. If someone seems stressed, ask what you can do to help them. Even if there isn’t anything you can do, it helps to know you are willing to support them

  • Pay attention to detail and do a quality job

  • Follow up. Create a task list and keep it updated

  • Be a self-starter. Don’t rely on someone else to kick-start you... or you just may get “kick-started”... figuratively, of course.

  • Always check with teams before leaving for the day! (This is written twice, so must be important!)

  • Be quick to respond. “Laid Back” can sometimes be perceived as lazy

  • Make sure your Skype is on and check your emails regularly

  • Negativity is an anchor... don’t let it keep you from moving forward.

  • Have Fun! Be positive! Enjoy the learning experience!

How many Hours/Week should I be working?

Each intern will meet with their manager to determine their schedule. Schedules will remain flexible pending T&T work load, class schedules, class deadlines, and T&T deadlines.

When should I be working? Do I have established working hours?

Intern work hours will be scheduled during T&T office hours which are Monday Friday 9am-5:30pm. Each intern will determine their hours with their manager.

Who do I report to? There are so many bosses around here!

Interior Design interns report to the ID Director. However, you take direction from all team members. Team Leaders may delegate work to you the most often– they will be your best source of education. We suggest you get to know them well and work with them closely.

Remember: you are responsible for your daily task list. It is your responsibility to contact each team member and find out how you can help them that day. It is also your responsibility to manage this list and to know WHEN your team members need the assigned task completed.

Your fellow interns may also need help– and we are TEAM PLAYERS. Help each other out! It is not the job of one intern to manage another... we take task lists and divide and conquer. Be a team player, lead by example, and communicate your needs for support with one another!

Questions? Email us!