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T&T Vision™ Tool by Thiel & Thiel

Dream. Visualize. Plan. Win.

Introducing an easy-to-use tool that allows asset managers to save enormous time and money by visualizing a property’s style, mood, and aesthetic before committing to an overall design direction.


Don't Tell.

T&T Vision™ guides you through a multi-step process that allows you to identify preferences as easily as thumbing through selecting your targeted style, color palette, and lifestyle/demographic. Our system then takes your selections and crafts a schematic VisionBoard that helps you move forward with the next stage of planning with supreme confidence.

It's like being a part of the Thiel & Thiel team.


Time Savings

Zoom, Zoom!

Imagine being able to shorten your time-to-market by 30-45 days; that's what T&T Vision™ does for you with a 48-hour completion window (!).

Your project will have a greater chance of beating your TTM projections thanks to a tool that translates your objectives and preferences into a concise, solidified design schematic and mood board. That process normally takes over a month when asset managers attempt this on their own or engage with a professional design studio.

Cost Savings

Pocket Change.

An exercise with a professional design agency or consultant can easily cost your project upwards of 15 thousand dollars. That's 150 Benjamins!

You can turn around and pour those resources into another aspect of your project that can truly benefit from a healthier budget.


Lead The Way.

When asset managers are armed with a concrete vision, the entire team falls in line. You need the most tangible vision for your project in the absolute earliest stages of planning– all in an effort to help streamline planning, execution, and launch phases. That's what T&T Vision™ affords you and your project.

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